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Gift ideas for a new baby

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What do you gift a newborn baby?

It can be tough coming up with gift ideas for a newborn, especially when the gender is unknown and you haven't any idea what the parents need or have already purchased for bubs!

What generally makes a good gift?

Usually a good gift is a bit of a mix between thoughtfulness and something practical, that the parents will actually get use out of. You also want to buy something that is good quality and will stand the test of time, possibly being used for future babies. With these things in mind, gender neutral gifts are a winner, and there are endless options as gender neutral clothing and accessories are super popular right now.

A new outfit?

Clothing is always a great choice. Parents love receiving a full outfit for their little one, but there are some important tips to keep in mind. Make sure you carefully consider sizing! We suggest buying larger than 0000 which is the newborn size.  You could ask the parents which sizes they need and go from there, or just buy 000 or 00, which are for 0-3months and 3-6months, to be worn almost straight away, or a larger size like 12-18months or 2 years, as the parents may not have much clothing in those sizes. Think ahead about what season bubs will be in at that age too, or buy a trans seasonal piece that can be layered underneath for the colder months.

You also need to consider the quality and content of the materials being used. Is it 100% cotton so it is safe on baby skin? Is it being sold with quality and long wearing in mind?
Here are some examples of the kinds of outfits that are perfect for gifting as they are trans seasonal, (mostly) gender neutral and beautiful quality. These are all from Ayla Mai Baby Boutique, a gorgeous family owned and operated boutique based in NZ:

How about accessories?

Accessories are a great gift idea too. We suggest getting some sort of accessory to accompany an outfit, or an assortment of accessories. 

When choosing your gift, consider what will get good use and the practicality of the product. Two things that never disappoint when gifted to parents are Silicone Bibs and a beautiful Swaddle. Silicone Bibs are the holy grail to all parents! Seriously, once you have used one you'll never go back to material bibs. It's that simple. Because of their style, these bibs catch any food that is headed for your floor or your baby's garment, and no matter how much mess they are in you can simply wipe them down or chuck them in the dishwasher. They also come in gorgeous colours, and look trendy. These bibs can be pricey, so make sure to shop around. Ayla Mai Baby Boutique have priced ours very fairly and have x5 different colourways if you want to check them out here.

Swaddles are one thing you can't have enough of being a new parent due to their multi use factor. Aside from the obvious wrapping/swaddling for bubs, they are also used to shield baby from the sun while in the pram, sheets for a bassinet, a light weight blanket in the warmer months and so much more. When buying a swaddle you need to be mindful of the material quality as it needs to be breathable. A blend of cotton and bamboo is hard to beat when talking about quality, breathability and comfort. You can check out these swaddles that are 30% cotton and 70% bamboo from AMBB here. Available in three gorgeous, unisex prints - they are the perfect gift.

Know the gender you're buying for?
More ideas for girls:
-pretty sunhats or beanies

Find some gender specific items for girls here!

More ideas for boys:

Check out some of these options in AMBB's boy section!

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